Spring 2021; Client Letter

Dear Client,

With the intensity of our society over the last year, many therapists, including me, are working diligently to navigate huge increases in the need for mental health care, new laws, evolving social expectations, and our own personal lives, while staying as healthy and vibrant as possible for our clients. The purpose of this letter is to touch base about a few changes I am making to my practice in order to support my own sustainability as a practitioner, and help as many clients as possible.

First, beginning in August, I will require updated intake documents to be completed using your client portal; updated Release of Information forms, and Review of a new Professional Disclosure Statement. Also as of August, I will be increasing my no-show/late cancellation fee to $125/session. If you use OHP I am unable to charge late or no-show fees but I will be strictly enforcing the other part of the policy as well: more than three instances a year will result in being able to only schedule same-day appointments (availability permitting) or even termination.

Next, this summer I will be offering in-person group therapy one evening a week for those interested in accessing a higher level of progress. Many clients would benefit from each other’s insight and the experience of being around safe and supportive people. These groups will be based on required reading and themes observed as common, even universal areas of struggle such as co-dependency, inappropriate guilt, and social anxiety. Most insurance companies will cover the costs of this group. Self-pay rates will be $70 per session and I hope to have scholarships available. I am strongly encouraging you to consider committing to this group. I have seen very little progress in my work with clients over the last year and I have to admit it is discouraging. Other therapists are reporting similar experiences. COVID has created a sort of mesmerizing apathy that is hard to describe but seems to be keeping strong, lovely, well-meaning people stuck. I don’t want this for you. I believe increasing the frequency of therapy this way is an excellent option if you are serious about achieving your goals. Because my schedule is quite full, this is the best way I can provide additional support. Please note that no-show rates will not apply to this group. I understand that evenings can be unpredictable. I only ask that if you register, you do so with a commitment of attending at least two groups a month. More information will be coming soon.

The third change relates to telehealth. I plan to spend a fair amount of time out of the office starting in the fall. I will need my clients to be willing and able to receive care by telehealth when I am gone, or put care on hold if that is appropriate. Most of you know my strong preference is to see you in person so this is also a stretch for me! For my own self-care and personal growth, I plan to obtain my license in a more sunny and dry state that I can escape to several times a year. I have no intention of moving out of state and will not abandon you.

Your fan,


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